Brij Ghat (Uttar Pradesh, India): It's a public place, so I can spit! A very common tendency with Indians... if the place does not belong to me it's not my responsibility to keep it clean.

Brij Ghat (Uttar Pradesh, India): A man pours Ghee (clarified butter) on a pyre. Open air cremations are very common in India and it is considered auspicious to be cremated on tha banks of river Ganga.

Brij Ghat (Uttar Pradesh, India): Remnants of an open air cremation as some folks prepare for another cremation. Remains of the open air cremations like charred wood, plastic bags, clothings etc, and sometimes even human remains that find their way into the water bodies, are a mojor cause of pollution of the Ganga river.

Brij Ghat (Uttar Pradesh, India): A lady floats a tiny aluminum foil boat with flowers and lit incence into the Ganga as a part of her prayers. In earlier days the boats made of leaves were used, which is still practiced at many other places. Another religious act leading to pollution.

Brij Ghat (Uttar Pradesh, India): A young boy poses for the camera as he throws a powerful magnet attached to a rope to fish out coins thrown by tourists in the Ganga waters. An ingenious way to collect coins from the rivers as opposed to diving into rivers. This practice is very prevalent now a days all almong the length of the Ganga.